So here’s a few words of encouragement to reach out to your idols, any human you admire, anyone you want to thank for something, or share a story you think might be anyhow relevant to them.

It took me a while to decide whether to write to Lauren Currie a word of thanks, as I thought she’d very plausibly not get back to me. But eventually I did, and she replied with great excitement and words of encouragement.

I hadn’t done this for while as I have not received any reply from the first few idols I had reached out to. This was very discouraging, and my perception of idols could have been summarised in this tweet by Preethi Kasireddy (whom I strongly admire).

At the same time though, I thought that reaching out was a way to grow and learn (and even encourage your idols to keep on going!).

Reaching out also forces you to better understand what exactly you have learnt or feel would be worth sharing with others. In my case, I wanted to thank Lauren Currie for being so inspirational, and tell her the story of how her work has an actual impact on people.

This might not be the case for everyone, but even if only a small fraction of people you admire will ever get back to you, it’ll be worth it, for them, and for you.

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