Giving a face to my intellectual wellness to get out of daily routine, 6th week of the /UI bootcamp at Ironhack.

credit : cheesebykonbini — sla-vik

The concept

A few weeks ago, I conducted the UX research for an app helping to change daily routine and discover new topics. These activities help to improve intellectual wellness — as American universities specialised in wellness say.

The app is targeting women over 40 because they are concerned about getting out of the daily and they face lack of time to look for new ideas. They also need impulsion to turn the reading into practice.

The app offers her to get in touch with topics she isn’t used to or doesn’t know yet. She set the subjects she really likes and knows while onboarding, then the app introduces one subject which is not amongst these each week.

There are three levels of reading : 2 minutes, 10 minutes and activities related around her. This helps her to get to practice activities because she already knows a bit about it, but hasn’t spent too much time on it. Then, she can plan the events in her agenda, and when the event is past, she is encouraged to like it in the app.

Building the look and 

I had quite a good idea of what the app would give off : fun, womanity but not girly look, and reminding of a magazine.


This helped me to find the colour palette and the fonts :

  • I used pastel and light blue and orange : they are complementary so go well together and they represent calm and serenity for the first one, fun and action for the second one.
  • I picked some serif fonts for their readability, and Futura to keep it simple on buttons.
Style tile

How to get more precise into UI ?

I felt quite stuck at this stage because I didn’t want the app to look completely like a magazine and didn’t have the “codes” for this kind of app.

I then found some great inspiration on dribble. I mixed some elements that I really liked, and adapted them to my concept and guidelines for the project :

  • The article UI/UX case study for the New York Times app from Johny vino first helped me to feel confident. I realised that great apps can be made with something like press !
  • This amazing design from Ghani Pradita helped me to build the homepage of my app and guided the look of the app. I also kept the swipe way to navigate between articles.
  • And this great design from Eddie Lobanovskiy helped me to structure the information and levels of reading, which is essential for the concept and for the target.

What does it look like in the end ?

Feedbacks are welcomed, I still want to improve my UI skills 😉 !!!

Presenting a topic with different levels of reading

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