Obviously this isnt a question as such, just a hopeful request for assistance.

I wonder if you might consider helping a QA/ out and asking your follows to vote for me (Rob Arnell) on in a Salesforce poll. I am Salesforce QA Lead and am hoping the community may help a QA out against two others in a competition to attend Dreamforce – a Salesforce event in San Francisco later this year. This would really enable me to enhance my knowledge and help me apply further testing practices to Salesforce in my role.

The Twitter post is below if you are able to share the link on your twitter feed.


I understand if you are unable to but thought I would ask and obviously appreciate any assistance.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34262/would-anyone-be-able-to-help-a-fellow-tester-out-twitter-


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