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On today’s episode of My Angular Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Isaac Schlueter. Aside from working in NPM, Inc. and Node.js, Isaac did a lot of JavaScript. He was on the UI team in Yahoo and made websites for other small companies. Tune in to learn about how he started with programming and what he currently enjoys doing!

Taking the Programming Path

In Isaac’s childhood days, his dad brought home an IBM computer from his office. He went to the library and got books on programming. He began to type the program from the book into the computer and played games.  He initially had fun but soon he got bored with it.

When he reached high school, he realized that he could program his graphing calculator to provide the answer directly. He once got into trouble in his physics class when he aced one quiz without showing his solutions on his paper. Thankfully, he got out of it by explaining to his teacher how he did it. He soon moved to California, got a job, and found his way to the web.

Engaging into JavaScript

In San Diego, California, he landed on to a job in a software company where he did text support. He wanted to go to grad school but didn’t have enough money to do so. So, he did some research on the internet and studied. While doing so, he stumbled upon blogs that had a deep discussion on topics like CSS and PHP. He then got promoted to a web development role in the company where he was working.

“They’re not an amazing company; they are an amazing school. If you’re an engineer, and it’s early on in your career, go work at Yahoo…You’ll learn a lot.” – Isaac Schlueter

In 2006, he got recruited to a job at Yahoo. That’s where he fell in love with JavaScript and with Dash. He considers his experience at Yahoo as a post-grad study, as he learned so many things in programming while working there.

What Attracted Him to JavaScript

What made Mike really get into JavaScript was the language’s inevitability. He’s more fascinated with languages where he could easily get things done rather than those that seek perfection. Taking Haskell for instance, the language is very beautiful and compelling, but it’s not as successful, in terms of popularity, as other inferior languages in the software development history.

With JavaScript, he had a similar experience with Dash. Whenever a new shell comes up such as ZSH, it has Bash every time he logged into a machine. There has been compiled to JS languages that are pre-day copy scripts. He doesn’t mind whether JavaScript is a bad language as long as he gets his task done with it.

To hear about MAS 011 Isaac Schlueter: My Angular Story, download and listen to the entire episode.

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Isaac: Westworld, The Imperial Radch Trilogy, and Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang

Charles: Sphero BB8 Droid and Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson

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