On today’s My , Charles Max Wood interviews Mikeal Rogers from the Node.js project. Mikeal has appeared as guest in episodes 84 and 147 of DevChat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber Show. Listen and learn about his fascinating journey in programming!

Inspired by Hackers

Mikeal wanted to be a hacker. He was around 12 or 13 years old when he got his first computer, which was made out of random parts.

At the beginning, he learned about assembly basic syntax. Eventually, he knew how to tweak codes from people. It was only when he learned about Pearl that he created an app from scratch.

Becoming a Pro

Mikeal’s journey to becoming a real programmer started when he was 18 years old. He moved to Seattle that time, and worked for Host Pro. It eventually became one of the largest shared hosting companies.

“A lot of people are having these problems where you would go and talk to people and we all have a lot of the same stories. But, the direction that the language was going was the exact opposite of where we needed to go.” -Mikeal Rogers

He enjoyed working with Pearl but didn’t find it enough to complete his job. He discovered Python out of his frustration. Mikeal eventually worked for Mozilla, where he got to use Python (platform) alongside JavaScript (browser).

Problems with Python

As he advanced in his career, however, Mikeal began having problems with Python. According to him, it lacked a good concurrency model besides other things. To his dismay, none of those problems were being addressed.

Download and listen to the entire episode about Mikeal Rogers. Mikeal has spent many years in the industry, and has encountered lots of challenges and other experiences that you too can learn from.

Get Connected

Tweet Mikeal @mikeal, and let him know you heard about him on My Angular Story. He would love to hear from you! Visit him through the links below.

Request for Commits Podcast



Mikeal: WebTorrent, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, Normal by Warren Ellis

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Source link https://devchat.tv/adv-in-angular/mikeal-rogers-my-angular-story


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