Now, think about the of Medium on an Atomic level, what molecules of visual design help you reach that goal? What design help you sift through the information architecture ocean and read about Jeffrey’s Thanksgiving adventures?

Design patterns help visually direct and enable you to continue your flow.

Here are two design patterns I really enjoy using and seeing on Medium.

Content Utilities

This is one of my favorite design patterns that Medium has mastered. From the looks of these interactions, they don’t look extremely robust, but looks are deceiving. This design pattern usually contains toggles and buttons that allow you to “Love, Share, or Save.” In this case, Medium expands upon this option and allows you to create social posts, report or block the writer, comment, and of course instead of “like” or “love” you’re able to applaud a writer. Medium uses the claps to gamify gratitude, which is unique and part of the fun.

Information Panels

An information panel is basically information that you can access prior to navigating to another page. Medium has different types of these, some are hover state like the one above. This use of the design pattern is really cool and allows you to find out a little more just by hovering your mouse. Other panels on the site are “selected state” which lets you click a button (like your profile photo) and expand and close the information at will. They specifically use hover-state as more “delight the user” design, while the selected state panels, tend to be more navigational and purposeful.

User are a helpful and intuitive look into the user’s journey. Design patterns can help assist a journey with visual devices that help distill information. Medium does a great job with keeping you interested and flowing more and more until you’re paying the money to be a member.

Then they’ve got ya.

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