From the very beginning of Adobe , we’ve made close contact with the design the heart of our process. Sticking to design best practices, the has engaged the through formalized user research methods, frequent customer and community meetings, and online user feedback through UserVoice, all of which is instrumental to the decision making process on the XD team.

Staying in touch with users, whether it is observing first time users or listening to power users, has served as a rich source of information, and it’s a lot of fun to do! We have also found that designers embrace the conversation with us and the exchange of best practices in research and product design, at these events.

We’ve found that workshops provide a great opportunity to collect community feedback. At these events, we share tips and tricks for using XD and discuss use cases, the product roadmap, and the principles that guide our product design process. While the team has hosted and continues to host workshops, we’re hoping to get in front of more users around the globe, on a more frequent basis.

At the same time, we’ve received requests for professional training on XD, and its interoperability with Creative Cloud and other 3rd party tools.

To scale our efforts, provide the community with more opportunities to onboard and succeed with Adobe XD, as well as serve as a direct feedback conduit for the product, we’ve developed an extended team of interdisciplinary professionals from within our community: the XDI* team.

Starting in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, we are partnering with a select group of passionate practitioners. With a broad view of the entire design process, they are able to provide premium training services using Adobe XD.

Through facilitation, mentorship and inspiration, empower designers and stakeholders to challenge assumptions, identify opportunities, and evolve their design process. By having a direct connection to what the XD team is working on, are able to understand the impact of XD on the design process.

Adobe XD is community driven. XDIs are part of the design community. And they are here to give back to that community. As a team, we are proud to announce the first group of European XDIs – be sure to follow them on Twitter and look out for them at an upcoming event near you!


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