Making it responsive

Next, I examined the breakpoints between mobile and “gigantic” to identify how components would need to adjust, when type would need to scale, and when mobile considerations would begin to become a factor (hover effects vs. tap targets, etc…).

I also engaged in lively discussions around the need for designers to advocate for design, and the balance that must be struck between spending too long in the “strategy plane” and spending too long in the “surface plane” of  — thanks, JJG.

Excessive? Only if you consider understanding your product excessive.

Once I had the basic components, patterns and typography defined across breakpoints, I could quickly reinterpret and build pages as needed. In the end we had a system in place that included a clearer information architecture, type, color usage, navigation patterns, iconography, and responsive guidelines. There would be no one to stop us now!

Most of these templates came together in a matter of a few hours each, or less.

If you haven’t already, check out the link below to see the prototype I built to showcase the results of the “ to Core” project. Thanks!

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