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Hi, my name is Sarah Khan and am a self taught designer.


My educational background is in accounting and I have worked as a Financial Analyst and Auditor in past. Although, it was going well but I had to take a break for caregiving that changed things a bit for me. I decided to start illustrating in my free time…

That was the point when I started thinking about taking up Design as a career.

How I got into UX Design?

I attended a bootcamp at General Assembly that got me very interested in User Experience Design. Despite how much I wanted to learn it, going to college was not an option for me. So I decided to look for online courses, blogs, youtube videos.


I will pen down the resources that really helped me find my way.

  1. Coursera and Linkedin courses

I started off with graphic design courses to understand the basics of color theory and typography, and gradually transitioned into User Experience design basics. Its hard to find the right course and varies from person to person based on individual skills and pace.

2. Envato tutorials

This website has really helped me in getting started. The resources were great in evaluating my current skills. Envato tutorials refined my illustrator and sketch skills.

3. 99 Designs

I entered as many contests as I could through 99 Designs. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a design projects on your own, so I would just find interesting contests on 99designs and try and knock out as many entries as I could. Best case scenario, you win a few and earn some money. Worst case, you get good experience working with briefs and some designs you can put in your portfolio.

4. Startup Experience

I got a chance to work at a startup with a group of friends who were building grocery delivery company. That experience gave me a good insight about design thinking and how to build products from scratch.

I started freelancing after that..

This is my into User Experience. Everyone who is going the same path as mine might have a different but I hope its helpful for people who are looking for resources.

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