recently updated its way of in “” section, which I got mad for several days recently.

Let me show you the change:

New Discover Photo streaming

You can now stream photos in Discover like the way you watch stories. But the problem is, I’ll tell you,

Users’ Habit

The look of these photo streams is nothing like Instagram stories, but definitely like normal posts, so I’m used to the action of swipe left to exit, but actually it’s SWIPING DOWN to exit, like stories. This makes me confused sometimes.

Normal post

And you’ll recognize the TAG BUTTON on the left corner, which I supposed to be on the right, because I’m used to, and I suppose a lot of people, use Instagram with their right hand only, so the button is clearly too small and too far to reach

Tag on photos

I don’t see any problems with the old way of streaming, and I still don’t get why they have to change it. Suggest me some?

What’s your thought on this new feature? Tell me in the comment section.

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