Just received a job offer recently involving both parts and IT. It will be my first technical job. It’s a growing startup that I believe doesn’t have much of a or IT staff as of yet and I’m worried I might be in over my head with the position. I have yet to delve into the world of , but have my CompTIA trifecta (A+, Network+, and Security+) and a computer science degree. I believe I can satisfy most of the needs of the IT part of the job that is required of me, but the portion is worrying me as I have basically zero professional experience. So I have a few questions.

Is QA a job of its own? Is it normal for it to be in with other technical jobs?

What are some good resources (book or online) that can get me started in understanding how to be good at QA? (or links, good posts, etc.)

What programs/applications should I be looking into and attempting to learn off the bat in order to succeed for the QA portion?

How do the first few days/weeks/months pan out in QA? Will I jump right into reading code and developing tests or spending a ton of time trying to figure out how the code even works?

All I know so far is it’s a web service that delivers a product to the local hospitality scene and that they use the .Net framework. One person also mentioned the use of legacy code in a glassdoor review, so I’m concerned with documentation and state of the current codebase.

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