I currently work at a small web/ai/data startup, I got hired under the guise of a devops jack-of-all-trades role, which I’m competent in, but gradually slid into a “full stack” role.

Over the past few years I’ve become the senior software developer out of necessity, but I keep telling everyone I have no what the fuck I’m doing. I’m fine with tearing someone else’s code apart, adding new features, new components/pages, database design, fixing things, etc. But I have no how to design, develop, and manage tasks/components of a larger project.

I keep trying to find software developers / designers to hire, but it’s been difficult sourcing talent that isn’t through an insanely overpriced agency, and a lot of the interviews we’ve set up through indeed/monster have been severely underwhelming.

Recently we’ve had to pivot, so now I’m being asked to design and implement an entire new project. I’m so overwhelmed the anxiety has been crushing me. I know that once I get a decent roadmap laid out I’ll be able to manage my way through it, but even that seems impossible at the moment.

Now that I’ve vented a little, I wanted to ask what software development methodologies would someone recommend in a startup environment of 2-4 people with a potential to grow? Something that would help me effectively design and manage a project from -to-finish?

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