What motivated you to apply for GSoC with ?

In February of , I helped to create the conda-forge autotick bot, a bot which automatically updates packages on conda-forge with version updates from the source . The bot is still a work in progress, so I submitted an application to GSoC with proposed fixes and enhancements to the bot.

Why did you choose your specific project topic?

I have been using Conda for several years to install software packages for programming projects. Conda-forge makes Conda an even better package manager since it makes it easy for users to package software and make it Conda installable. Keeping track of when new versions of software are released is super important so that conda-forge users have access to the most up-to-date packages. While it has traditionally been up to humans to keep track of versions, this job can reasonably be done by a machine, and I was interested in developing software that would make things easier for package maintainers and improve conda-forge.

How did you get involved in open source software?

The research group I was a member of releases a lot of software, much of which is open source. One of the members of the group was involved in conda-forge and encouraged me to contribute to the project.

What are you expecting out of your GSoC experience?

I hope to learn the best practices in contributing to open source and how to best communicate and work with people that I will not be able to meet with in person. I also hope to become a of the conda-forge community and continue to contribute to the project in the future.

What are your career goals, and how do you see the GSoC program moving you towards them?

I hope to continue contributing the open source projects in the future, not limited to conda-forge. I hope that my participation in GSoC will help me to learn the best practices in contributing to open source and that my communication with the conda-forge community will introduce me to other open source projects I would be interested in contributing to.

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