For the each of the areas defined above , I conceptualised some design changes. See below:

1. Searching for a 

1a To place the vehicle search input directly on the homepage to make it easier to navigate for someone who knows the vehicle they’d like to lease.

1b A more prominent search input field situated above the results list.

2. Customising the car’s look

2a An Image gallery that changes based on your chosen car colour.

2b Extra visual aid in the car colour dropdown.

3. Customising the lease amount

A tooltip to help explain the label in more detail.

4. Customer satisfaction

Individual reviews placed underneath the image gallery.

5. Researching similar cars

Improved navigation to the related car carousel.


Next, I placed each idea into an effort vs impact matrix to help decide which ideas to use my final optimisation plans.

Note* the following order of the ideas is based on my own technical and product knowledge.

Impact vs Effort matrix.

Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts:

1 Although building a complex search input on the homepage takes a significant amount of time to implement, I believe it could solve the navigation issues I faced as ‘John’. This could have a positive effect on conversion.

1b Moving and restyling the search input would take less time to implement which means we could test this will real users faster, and validate whether to invest time in building a more complex search function.

2a I believe changing the car imagery based on your chosen colour option would have the biggest impact. Providing the user everything they need to convert is important. Image sourcing would vastly increase the effort levels on this test but I think it would be worth the investment.

2b Displaying the colour next to each option in the dropdown is more of a ‘MVP’ style approach to the above idea that could be fast to implement.

3 Although the effort to build and test this is small, I think there more effective tests to run first to shift core metrics.

4 Displaying individual customer reviews could enforce trust and thus keep users from converting through competitors.

5 I believe this is a real usability issue that doesn’t necessarily need to be an A/B test. By implementing this, It could improve the overall of the site.


Based on the above prioritisation, I compiled three high level optimisation plans below.

1. Test Plan — Searching for a car

Problem statement

  • Search isn’t functional or prominent enough for users (John ) who already know which car they’d like to lease.


  • We believe by improving the search’s prominence and functionality, we’ll see more people purchasing leases.

Success Metrics

  • Increase volume to ‘customise lease’ screen.
  • Decrease in overall average time spent on site.
  • Increase in lease purchases.
Original vs test variant.

2. Test plan — Customising the car’s look

Problem statement

  • The lack of visual aid and imagery could cause John to exit the site for research purposes which could increase risk of his user type converting elsewhere.


  • By improving the visual aid on the customisation page of the site, we’ll see more users purchasing leases.

Success Metrics

  • Increase in lease purchases.
  • Decrease in page exits and bounce rates.
First test. Original vs variant.
(if successful) Second test. Original vs variant.

3. Test plan — Customer satisfaction

Problem statement

  • Lack of prominence around reviews. John could consider using a more trusted competitor.


  • By displaying individual reviews upfront. We’ll see less users leaving the customisation page.

Success Metrics

  • Decrease in page exits and bounce rates.
  • Increase in lease purchases.
Original vs variant.

The final part would be to share this with wider stakeholders and begin implementing the tests within a squad/team through an optimisation tool ( I love using Optimizely!) ready for go live.

Note* I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with, Motorama. I did this because I simply enjoy solving problems!

Thank you for reading! hit me up on linkedin or follow me on Twitter.

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