Hi all,

Little bit of my background:

  • Senior in College
  • Have loved software and development since Freshman year in High School
  • Been doing it ever since

Except, my and confidence in programming as a profession has been since failing classes and being put on academic probation for low GPA multiple times during my college career. It has caused my depression and put me towards ignoring my work and spending my time playing video games and finding an escape from my self.

If anyone has some tips to get myself back on track. My huge interest is AI development (as well as Software Development/Engineering). What do you suggest I look to learn to improve myself as well as my skills?

Edit 1: Seriously. I can’t express my thanks in words. All the kind words and advice are reassuring. I am currently working an internship as a researcher for the MIT Media Lab Personal Robotics Group. It has been a great experience so far and I hope that throughout all this, it will drive me into a new passion. It’s all about gaining experience in life and figuring out as you go along. Thank You.

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