I initially wrote a few selenium scripts to test my web application. The scripts use RemoteWebDriver call for initialising web driver.

I now wanted to run the same scripts to test the web application on iOS and Android devices. I had to replace the RemoteWebDriver call with or call with the grid URL since the device I am using is remotely hosted and the web page under test use native elements(eg: spinner for dropdowns or date selector on iOS)

However, I noticed that this introduces a huge lag.

From what I read online, I found that:

  • When finding elements on an iOS app, use findElementByIosUIAutomation or findElementByAccessibilityId rather than using XPath because using IosUIAutomation natively interacts with its UIAutomation framework, giving better performance. Does this mean using native selectors like xpath, ID, css will cause performance issues??

  • Running appium test has a built-in delay of 1 second between every request

Should there actually be a performance hit when using iOSDriver and AndroidDriver(5 times the time taken by RemoteWebDriver) or am I doing something wrong?

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/30537/performance-for--vs-androiddriver-vs-iosdriver


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