The requirement is to stop the after is achieved. I have tried following approach…but the threads are not stopping as expected.

Please let me know how to solve the problem.

Setup thread group:
Beans shell sampler:
Declared a property total sample count with value 0
Subsequent thread groups:


  • get the value of property total sample count
  • Increase total sample count by 1
  • Put back the value in total sample count.
  • If the total sample count is equal to desired sample count
  • Stop the thread
  • Stop the test.

I am facing this issue:
1. The threads continue to run even the sample count reaches to desired sample count.

One more update is I am testing APIs and the hits are very high…ex within two minutes around 5k is achieved.

Suggest me if there is any problem with the approach or is there any better way to solve the problem.

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