I have 300 VUsers (Threads) and ramp up 600 seconds and total number of requests (http Request) 5 , Response time for each request is 2 seconds so total 10 sec will takes to complete one loop,

I was using 2.13 Version but now moved to 4.0 Version.

App Server : Linux

Jmeter Placed at Windows Server which highly configured and High Bandwidth and placed in USA.

Scenario like given Below.

Login Application 
Create Order 
Active Order 
Disconnect Order 
Cancel Order 

I want to Achieve like given below

1 TPS to 10 TPS for 60 Minutes 
2 TPS to 4 TPS for next 60 Minutes 
2 TPS to 8 TPS for next 60 Minutes  
... and so on

I have used “[email protected] – Throughput Shaping Timer” But unable to achieve expected TPS.

Start RPS    End RPS    Duration

 1           10         3600

 2           4          3600

 2           8          3600
  • Total Number of Users- 300
  • Ramp Up 600 Seconds
  • Duration of Test 10800 Seconds
  • Targeted TPS 1-10 TPS
  • Achieved TPS 2 TPS

Please suggest what should I do to achieve such Fluctuated TPS

Please suggest the strategy need to follow.

Which Plug in I can use and how to calculate TPS in it.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/32232/jmeter-how-to--and--and-then-increase--tps-using-jmete


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