I’m facing a problem when I try to a using a to call it. The code inside the .vbs is below:

dim uft
Set uft = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") 
uft.Visible = False
uft.Open "R:dataHPCJobsSpoolsubmit_2017.06_CAEDevGomputeBenchAppuft_script"
uft.Test.Run Nothing, True, False
Set uft = Nothing
MsgBox "Test done"

Inside the UFT script I have 7 actions. When I double click the .vbs file the first action execute without , but when arrives in the second action start my problem: in all my actions (except the first one) has a code to create a .txt file. When the script create the first one (in the second action) it just stop to run all the rest of the second action and jump to third action to create the second .txt file, doing this for the rest of the actions.

I don’t know how this .vbs script are really doing and why it do not following the order of the script, because when I run inside UFT all works perfectly. Can anyone know what is the cause of this problem?

Thanks and regards.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/28303/problems-to-execute-a-uft-script-by-a-vbscript-file


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