Background : Currently working in a firm which follows a practice where the QA’s e2e and API automation suites are mandated to be reviewed before being pushed in a CI pipeline. It’s a practice that is being followed across multiple projects within the firm.

Issue : I’m currently working in a project where I am the lone testing/QA member, along with 3 Front End (Angular/React) and 3 Back end developers (Ruby). The e2e suite uses , Cucumber with Typescript – loosely based on this framework given by Ram Pasala. The API suites use vanilla JavaScript and use Chakram as the framework.

In my monthly discussion with my QA manager, this point was raised that the needs to be thoroughly reviewed before being pushed to the pipeline – however there is no one with required understanding of Protractor and Typescript or JavaScript in the overall QA team that the firm has – almost all of them work in Java or C#.

Now I’m left with this choice that any one of the Front end developers, who has enough expertise with TS/JS should the code.
I have never faced this situation before and I’m not sure if this is a or a bad . I have generally seen that the QA team members generally review the code (within the team or someone QA from outside the team), but I also think it is not something which is a standard practice.

I would love to hear any thoughts/pros/cons regarding this idea. Is this a good/bad practice?

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