Read about how Dropbox migrated to Python 3!

Submitted by @dgjustice

Tutorial on creating GUI apps in Python with PyQt5

Submitted by @clamytoe

Great write up from Trey on Lambda Expressions

A wonderful Test and Code interview on testing and Selenium with our mate Andy!

A Flask newsletter by Import Python!

String Operations covered in typical Real Python fashion – have a read!

NumPy bug in Python 3.7 causing data science issues

Submitted by @clamytoe.

An introduction to using Black for code compliance

How to write C like our very own Erik!

Submitted and written by @Erik.

Cool! List of Python YouTube channels

Python Developer Survey 2018! Fill it out now!

Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas

Two of my favourite things! Flask and AWS!

Google Colaboratory! This is cool. Also, congrats Jake!

Pretty printing dictionaries with json.dumps() – good tip!

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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