My programming story began when I was a junior in high school at 1992. At that time a general computer science course were designed for the student of mathematics. That course started with basic terms in computer science like input, output, cpu and was followed by algorithms, flowcharts and finally GW-BASIC. We were practicing on a 286 AT computer with no Hard Disk Drive, which was bootable through a Floppy Disk contains GW-BASIC “exe file”. We added our source codes on the same place. It was an interpreter language an my start.




2 years later I went to university which as regular of our educational system at that time, I learned PASCAL and programmed with Turbo Pascal. It’s got a compiler a more sophisticated IDE than GW-BASIC and as my wonder I could create real working programs as I compile them to real executable.



Turbo Pascal



That journey continues with C that I found it less friendly but ought to be the main path for the rest of my education to the end of my Bachelor Degree. Now after these years I realize what could happen without learning C to any programmer. Many of my understanding of computer science comes from C language. Unfortunately after graduation there were not much opportunity to work with C as where I lived was no system programming. So after struggling years with some 4GL’s I tend to C# (which I liked to be JAVA) and worked as ASP.NET developer and solution provider for many years.

Since I was always curious about what else could be out there in the real world, I’ve started to search more first on Microsoft technologies then on more wide range open sources. Then it comes to me some articles about which I didn’t heard much about till then. I’ve struggled with some few months since I’ve discovered Django. It was fabulous and I’ve became very exited about it. All that years I’ve tried to make some data manipulation forms which Django admin gives me at first glance. Indeed the rest was not so easy as creating of admin interface but that inspired me to start my career as Python programmer and Solution provider. Now I’m doing stuff in Django-Python more than I can imagine in my entire career of C# and ASP.NET. Even I use almost no IDE for my development I feel more creative and get faster results.



 Django Administration


I should really thank to the author of A Byte Of Python  it was a great, simple and excellent book for the start. And for Django startup nothing could be more helpful than Django tutorial itself which is located inside Django’s source file in docs folder.


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