I work as a on a product that is implanted in the ’s website.

In our development , we develop the application, deploy to our Development environment, do testing to see if everything is working, deploy to the next environment, do our tests again, then call the client so the can test it on their test page, alongside with their people, then if everything is ok, we can deploy it to Production.

The thing is, some times the client QA is flooded with other demands so testing our deploys can be thrown into the backlog for a while and so the Releases end up taking quite a time to get ready, with all the finding and fixing errors.

We already tried to ask for access to the client’s test page, but because of security reasons, firewall and others they are not able to allow us.

I want to know if there is anything that can be done to help up or improve the client’s team QA process, so thinks would move faster? Maybe sent them the Unit tests list or have an Integration test process on our side.

We never had a QA process so for now I am having to wear that hat for now.

Note: I have almost no knowledge of QA/Testing, aside for some brief reading I’ve done on my own and Unit Testing, so any tip is helpful.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/32412/how-can-i-help-speed-up-improve-the-client-qa-process


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