The New streamlines many of the existing features from the old hub and provides new capabilities to make it easier to get to the queries that are important to you. It is now available for VSTS customers and coming to TFS in the next major version.

Expanded Directory pages

The left panel for query navigation has been converted into its own set of pages that provide improved query management experiences.

These pages highlight new metadata for each query including:

  • The type of query
  • Its path within the hierarchy
  • Who last modified it
  • When it was last modified

Additionally, you now have access to the team favorite queries for all the teams you are a member of without having to change your team context in the navigation bar.

Find queries easily with a keyword filter

You can filter the queries listed on the Favorites and All directory pages, as well as the new folder view by entering a keyword in the filter box. This will help you find queries when you don’t remember the folder path.


Breadcrumb surfaces nearby queries

If you often run queries from the same folder, click the chevron next to the folder name. All the child queries will appear in the list, allowing you to select the query you want to run without needing to go back to the directory.

Bookmark folders for quick access

When you navigate to a query folder via the Breadcrumb, you will get a scoped view of all its contents. This page also has a unique URL which you can share with your team or bookmark for quick access in the future.

Get to favorite queries fast

To navigate quickly between your favorite queries, click Queries and favorite those queries of most interest to you. Then, you can use the drop-down menu in the query title to select queries you’ve favorited.

Other improvements

Besides the big changes listed above, here are some other improvements:

  • “Save as” now copies charts to the new query
  • Expanded work item filter options on the results grid
  • Access to who last ran the query and when over our REST APIs



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