2. Do I want this project to be a one–time thing or a regular thing?

After many years, I noticed that most of my side (well, all of them) are one–off. I do something, I achieve the goal (or not), and I stop.

One–off side projects have value. Yet, they’re not worth limiting yourself to. Why not? Regular side projects help train other things.

Until recently, all I knew about myself was that I could come up with a side project, hook up, grit my teeth, and ship it. I’d thought about writing and publishing one text in English every month in the category of pipe dreams. I only thought it — I didn’t feel I was able to do it. So many years of thinking about doing it and… nothing.

To know you’re an effective stubborn person who can turn down quality time with friends is one thing. To be aware that you’re able to regularly fasten up for a short time and ship something unplanned in time — that’s something completely different. Both have value. I recommend both. Not necessarily at the same time, though, especially at the beginning.

One interesting idea is the seasons of regular mini design side projects (articles, podcasts, […]). I haven’t tried working in a season format yet, but I’m getting ready for it. However silly it may sound, it’s hard for me to stop between successive monthly texts, look at this initiative from a distance, and reflect on the nuances and strategy. And — again — I just have to get my act together and do it. Even if it means a month or three of no writing and trying the seasons.

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