I’ve just v1.3.3, which fixes an XSS vulnerability
on the qute://history page (:history).

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic
interface. It’s written using PyQt and cross-platform.

The vulnerability allowed websites to inject HTML into the page via a
crafted title tag. This could allow them to steal your browsing history.

If you’re currently unable to upgrade, avoid using :history.

A CVE request for this issue is pending, see the relevant issue for updates:

The issue was introduced in March 2017 and part of the v0.11.0 release:

The patch applies cleanly to v1.2.x and v1.1.x (but I do not plan to do
any updated releases of those):

It does not apply to v1.0.x and v0.11.x. If you need a backport,
please let me know, but especially on v0.11.x you’ll probably have a lot
of other issues due to an outdated QtWebKit anyways.

I plan to release v1.4.0 later this week (once PyQt 5.11 is out), but
since the bug was opened publicly, I decided to do an immediate bugfix
release. As a reminder, for security-relevant bugs, please contact me
directly at mail at qutebrowser.org.

Other bugfixes in this release:

  • Crash in a workaround for a Qt 5.11 bug in rare circumstances.
  • Workaround for a Qt bug which preserves searches between page loads.
  • In v1.3.2 a dependency on the PyQt5.QtQuickWidgets module was accidentally
    introduced. Since that module isn’t packaged everywhere, it’s been removed

Sorry for the trouble!

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