In recent releases of Visual Studio 2017, there has been a great focus on improving the experience of working with files (*.cshtml). The were aimed at addressing the most pressing customer-facing issues and included changes from formatting and IntelliSense to general performance and reliability. Now that the fixes and enhancements have been publicly available for a few months, we hope you’ve been having a much-improved experience with the Razor editor.

Please let us know how we’re doing by taking a short, two-minute survey. Also, feel free to leave relevant in the comments section below.

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version, update your copy of Visual Studio 2017 through the Visual Studio Installer, or follow the links to download the installer from the Visual Studio website.

Razor editor in Visual Studio IDE

We know that despite our improvements, Razor editing isn’t perfect yet, so if you run into issues please file a report using the Visual Studio feedback tool. We review this feedback frequently and will continue to fix issues that are identified.

To launch the feedback tool, choose “Report a Problem…” under the Help->Send Feedback menu. When filing a report, please provide as much of your Razor file as you can share, with a description of what happened versus what you expected. (Sample code and screenshots are very helpful!)

Report a Problem menu item

Thanks for your interest in Web Development in Visual Studio.
Happy coding!

Justin Clareburt, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio

Justin Clareburt (justcla) Profile Pic Justin Clareburt is the Web Tools PM on the Visual Studio team. He has over 20 years of Software Engineering experience and brings to the team his expert knowledge of IDEs and a passion for creating the ultimate development experience.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justcla78

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