Research and Discovery

Before diving into research, we thought the best way to understand the challenge at hand was to actually experience it. So we decided to travel through an unfamiliar route solely relying on online navigation tools. Each of us used a different (TMB, Google Maps, Moovit and Citymapper) during the course of this trip and we recorded and later shared our experiences and observations. The objective of this trip was to record navigation patterns and preferences, helpful features that came in handy during the trip and of course, areas of struggle.

Positive features and Pain points of various navigation tools

While all of us successfully reached our destination, we all experienced various handy features and areas of struggle while using the different navigation tools.


Pain Points

Together, we were able to record many areas of struggle during our trip, which lead us to group all the pain points we gathered under two main categories, i.e. orientation and access to relevant information.

Orientation: At many points of the trip, we found ourselves feeling disoriented and confused about which direction to head in. We were stuck with questions like:

  • Which direction do I walk in?
  • Which side of the street should I catch my bus from?
  • Which Metro exit should I take in order to reach my destination as soon as possible?

Access to relevant information: We have all been in a situation where we are new to a city, or travelling to an unfamiliar location and often experience these questions:

  • How do I stop the bus? 
    (Buses in Barcelona don’t stop at a bus stop unless you wave)
  • Which ticket do I get, and where? 
    (Single tickets are available on the buses but, multi-trip tickets are only available at metro stations)
  • How many more stops until I have to get down?
  • When can I catch the first/last bus?

Areas of Opportunity

Listing down and categorising the pain points helped us identify the key areas of opportunity.

Based on these opportunity statements, we decided to rephrase our mission statement in order to streamline our design approach:

“Reimagining the Barcelona experience by making it easy, accessible and delightful”

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