Glean: A Refactoring Tool for React Code — Glean simplifies and automates some of the most common -related refactoring operations (e.g. exporting a JSX excerpt into a component) and integrates with VS Code.

Wix Engineering

React v16.6.0 Released — A minor release with ‘a few new convenient features’ including React.memo which provides a way for function components to only be rerendered if their props change, a way to do code splitting using Suspense, and an easier way to consume Context from class components.

Sebastian Markbåge

Learn How to Plan a React Application — Start your next React project with confidence. Learn strategies for tooling, frontend and UX, testing and performance to boost your (and your team’s) productivity. Get your free copy.

Progress Kendo UI

React Suspense with Netlify Functions — Netlify Functions (usually a serverless functions service you can use from Netlify’s static site hosting platform) provides a local way to fake a backend API to try out building a Suspense app.

Shawn ‘swyx’ Wang

📘 Articles & Tutorials

How to Pass Data to props.children — React makes it easy to pass children to reusable components. But what if those children need to receive data from the component that renders them?

James K Nelson

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