Redux vs. the React Context API

Redux vs. the React Context API — A look at how the new context API in 16.3 works, how it compares to Redux, and when you’d want to consider using one versus the other.

Dave Ceddia

Why Discord is Sticking with React Native — A look back at how chat platform Discord has used React Native over the past three years, reaping “the benefits of quickly leveraging reusable code across platforms”. After a few “we’re moving away from React Native” stories recently, it’s nice to see this one.

Fanghao (Robin) Chen

React-Select v2 Released — React Select is a flexible and attractive ‘select’-style input control with multiselect, autocomplete and ajax support. V2 makes things simpler and easier to extend and introduces a CSS-in-JS styling API.

Jed Watson

▶  Five Things About React Components — A brief, 4 minute video where Brandy Morgan and John Papa share five facts about React components. Ideal for beginners.

Channel 9

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