I really love . Here’s why:

  1. My friends pay a bunch of money for me to eat as much food as I want (yes I am that guy)
  2. I get to see people that I don’t see often. For instance, my college friends that I only see at weddings
  3. Everyone is happy (most of the time).

Consequently, when my wife and I planned our wedding, we made sure to make it a killer party.

My wife realizing what she has gotten herself into

I was married on February 17th of this year and everything went according to plan. It couldn’t have been better. I only have one qualm,

I still have no idea what happened at my wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife and had a fantastic time, but my wedding day was one of the busiest days of my life. I simply didn’t have time to enjoy myself with everyone that had come. I have no regrets, but I found myself looking forward to a friend’s wedding so I could finally catch up with friends that I didn’t get to hang out with at my own wedding.

What if you could enjoy every moment of your wedding (even those you didn’t see)?

As a group capstone project, four other students and I were tasked with creating something that would remove the fear of missing out from () weddings.

The prompt

Create an iOS app that allows guests to share pictures they take at a wedding. Guests download the app using a provided QR code and then all the photos they take at the event are automatically sent to a central database.

The challenge

In five weeks, design, test, and develop the app and make sure it is accepted into the app store.

Our team

  • 3 Designers — Eric Cottrell, Megan LeAnne, and myself
  • 2 iOS developers — John Tate and Marcus Varner
  • 2 Project Managers (instructors)
  • 2 Stakeholders (program directors)

I was appointed lead designer, and my primary responsibility was ensuring that our design team handed off our final prototype at the end of week three.

The plan

Our team followed the Agile software development method, executing weekly sprints with daily standups and consistent communication.

With such a short deadline, our goal was to fail fast.

Week 1: Empathizing with Users, and Defining the Problem

To better understand the problem, we created a three-phase research plan including:

  1. A survey
  2. Interviews
  3. Usability testing of competitors

Survey results — proving our assumptions with quantitative data

Our survey proved the following:

Interviews — developing understanding through qualitative methods

We interviewed recently married couples, engaged couples, people that have recently attended a wedding, a wedding planner, and a developer that has built event apps. We gleaned the following insights:

  • Most couples, including those on a tight budget, prefer a professional photographer over their guests’ photos
  • People that have used competitor apps said that they were unable to download an app at a wedding because the venue had poor cell coverage
  • Guests aren’t likely to download an app unless it provides them value or is clearly valuable for the couple
  • Couples like getting photos from their guests, but forget about them because there isn’t a central place to collect them in

The Guest — competitor testing

We found that an existing app called The Guest is similar to the solution that we were tasked with building. We tested it with a handful of people to see what we could learn.

There was one significant takeaway from our testing — the information architecture was going to be key, as testers struggled to learn how the app worked and had trouble navigating.

Compiling our data into personas

Throughout the research process, it became evident that we not only had to design for the couple, but for the guest. We created a persona for each, and our personas helped us balance the needs of both sets of users.

Defining the problem

  1. Create as much value as possible for the guests so that they will download the app before the wedding.
  2. Simulate the current habit of posting/texting photos while maintaining privacy and maximizing photo quality.
  3. Create something that will provide an effective supplement to the couple’s professional photos

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