The third of new course, Reproducing Popular iOS Controls, is ready today! In this final part, you’ll dig into from Apple’s own apps to recreate a custom view controller transition from the and a custom presentation controller as seen in the app.

Take a look at what’s inside:

Part : App Store & Maps

  1. Introduction: In this video we’ll talk about two interesting Apple apps – the App Store and Maps, and how their custom presentations make them shine.
  2. App Store: Transitions: In this video you’ll learn about custom transitions, particularly as they pertain to the App Store app.
  3. App Store: Custom Modal Presentation Setup: In this video you’ll learn how to set up a scalable stage for the presentation transition.
  4. App Store: Custom Modal Presentation Animations: In this video you’ll implement the animations for the custom modal presentation as seen on the App Store app.
  5. Challenge: App Store Custom Modal Dismissal: In this challenge you’ll tackle the custom modal dismissal of the App Store app.
  6. App Store: Drag Down to Dismiss: In this video, we’ll discuss and implement another way to dismiss our modal and learn about view snapshots.
  7. Maps: Pull-Up Control: In this video you’ll learn about the pull-up control in Maps and why card UIs are so darn .
  8. Maps: Custom Presentation Controller: In this video you’ll learn how to implement a custom UIPresentationController.
  9. Challenge: Maps Scrolling to Control Points: In this challenge you’ll implement the half-way dragged anchor point for the draggable controller.
  10. Conclusion: In this video we’ll review what we learned and what you can do to learn more about the specific topics.

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