I am automating my windows application. My applications are sports related reporter software. In baseball reporter application i will do testing by the following way : I do enter the commentary from mlb site and check the results while I enter the commentaries are correct.

Here I am automating this process. But actual issue is I can only particular match only. I am trying to find a solution for one can automate the . My senior who suggested me to take an excel contain a match commentary details , player names, umpires names and write the script for entire code.

My friend who suggested me : you need to follow data driven approach for this

  1. Create a generic script that gets the actual values from the
  2. Place all the expected values in an excel sheet.
  3. Compare the actual and expected.
  4. For every game u can change the values in the excel sheet. with this u can have one script automating all the games.

Still I’m unable to start writing the code. Can anyone help me on this?

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34304/does-one-single-script-can-automate-entire-matches


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