I am automating a website, there’s page containing few text fields, dropdowns. There is a mandatory field check for a dropdown, if I select the default option (which is ‘Select’) I get an error message – ‘This field is required’ which is expected.

If I automate the above scenario, using c#, I do not get any error message if I select the default option using my user defined function(taking dropdown elements into a list and clicking on 0th element which is ‘Select’). I am navigated to the next page, which is not expected.

I am just curious to know why this different for and parts.
I am giving sufficient wait time for the error messages, even after entering the data I have given wait time, then why the difference?

Update: DOM Snapshot

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/32117/why-is-there-different-behavior-of-a-web--with-automation-and-with-ma


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