Recently I went to into an account. The fact that I said “ In”, as opposed to “ Up”, means that I had previously signed into that account. It may not always be true that I have to in infrequently, but more often than not, I remain signed into the things I use most often. As a result, when I do in to something, it’s typically something I don’t use very often, but need just infrequently enough that I’m automatically signed out of the site or product.

I scanned the page. “SIGN UP!” was big and bold, easy to find. Where was “Sign In” though? I just wanted to quickly jump in, check something, and be on my way. It felt like an eternity, but after scanning and rescanning, I found my sign in link. It was in a tiny little font, buried at the bottom of the page, as if to simply whisper “Do you already do business with us? Then please quietly click here to enter your account”.

As an infrequent user, I have to re-learn the UI each time I view an application. In some ways, aside from perhaps recalling standard branding colors and design, I’m very much like a brand new user. So why hide my access?

I understand the value in a big and bold “Sign Up”. It’s a key CTA and should be prominent. But can we please get “Sign In” links just a little more love?

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