The fun new is a that brings together various parts of pool, pinball, air hockey, miniature golf, and curling. Throw in magnets, portals, moving platforms, force fields, and more for a great challenge.

Players will need to try to sink balls into holes by hitting them with a small . There are only a limited number of shots available to sink all the balls. And as you can expect, the game gets harder as different concepts are introduced​ to the game.

There are 120 different levels in 10 worlds to play. Along with a colorful world, the original soundtrack features six different songs that match the pace and style of the game.

Puck is universal and designed for the iPhone, all iPad models, and the Apple TV. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $1.99.

Thanks to iCloud sync, you can play on one device and then pickup right where you left off on another.

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