So, I’m looking to create something and am after a bit of advice about my options.

I have 180 . The working week is from Sunday to Saturday with working alternate weekends.

Each year, I need to each employee five weeks of .

They will let me know their . Three blocks of two weeks and four one week. I can only have so many staff off at a time and when they’re taking two weeks off their weekend on needs to be in the middle.

What I want to create is that allows me to enter each individual’s preferences of dates they want off, and then have the allocate leave for the year fairly (randomly) initially on people’s preferences and then filling in the gaps when their preferences are unavailable.

Any advice on the best way to go about this would be greatly appreciated. I can build websites and am moderately okayish with excel, but I have no experience with software development.

I’m happy to learn, but just need guidance on what it is I should be learning…


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