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While we’re desperately trying to inject some (simulated) empathy into machines, people online don’t even bother to fake some.

It’s been studied and proved that social medias are making us more hateful and depressed, more envious, more narcissistic and egomaniac.

Apps and services that let us get what we need without the hassle of interaction are taking away the everyday experience of meeting and talking to strangers.

I’ll be honest: I love it. But I can’t deny it’s a needed experience to keep our humanity. If we interact only with people we know and love, like our friends and family, aren’t we slowly getting inexperienced on how to act with strangers?

If the only moment we exchange words with people we don’t know is behind a screen, behind written words or even emoji and reactions, will we lose our way around human beings?

Combine this with the idea that everything you do on your socials is “personal branding”. We try our best to make our lives look better than others, or worth the envy of other people.
It’s a dangerous mix, and we see the results every day. Hate speech is one of the biggest problems of social networks. But is there a solution? Is this just because we, as a society, are in our teenage years in the digital world? We hate everything, we don’t want to listen to anyone, we just care about our little circle and anyone else is just stupid. Maybe we’ll learn and mature. Maybe.

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