has been in the news for all the right reasons recently having acquired the ‘Unicorn status’. The company has grown at a staggering pace acquiring millions of users each passing month. With greater user base, comes greater responsibility to provide a exceptional experience to them. Here, I am performing a of the Swiggy in line with the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Jakob Nielsen. I would be rating the app as Good, Average or Bad against each Heuristic.

1) Visibility of system status — Bad

The first heuristic criteria state that a product should always show the system status at any point in time. Swiggy seems to fail at some instances in this regard. For Example:

  • In the home screen of the swiggy app, they provide various offers in card layout right at the top of the page. When a card is clicked, the screen becomes blank for few instances, maybe a second or few milliseconds and then the next screen loads. The loader or a progress bar is not only missing here but in almost all of the instances where we navigate between pages

Though it is relatively a short period of time, there is a chance that the blank screen may last longer on a slower internet connection. This will ultimately cause the user greater discomfort & confusion.

2) Match between the system and the real world — Good

The app scores full points in this criteria.

  • All the icons are well supported by labels.
  • The app speaks in clear, simple and everyday language.
  • The flow of the app is well defined and it works as expected.

3) User control and freedom — Good

  • One thing which I really liked in Swiggy is that when I add a dish to the cart, I do not need to go to the Cart page if I need to remove it. I could remove the dish from the current screen itself. Most of the online ordering apps fail to provide this option.
  • The search bar has a ‘Reset/Clear’ icon by which I could undo my search term in a tap. The same in the of filters.
  • When I delete an address from the Manage Addresses section, there is not an option to undo it. But it does ask for confirmation before deleting so I guess the absence of an undo option will not be a major hindrance to the user.

4) Consistency and standards — Average

The app maintains good consistency in all aspects — iconography, language and interface elements.

  • There was a slight inconsistency in the design regarding the icon for ‘Offers’. In one cart page a circular icon was used and in the settings page a rather rectangular icon. I don’t see any problem in reusing the same circular in the settings page too.
  • Some of the icon placements can be improved. For example, here the ‘Mark as Favorite’ and ‘Search in restaurant’ icon is present above the restaurant. Swiggy kind of missed the hierarchical part here. It would have made more sense had the icons been present near or below the restaurant name since these provide functions which are specific to that restaurant only.

5) Error Prevention — Good

Error-prone areas in Swiggy is very minimal. Wherever the provision to ‘Undo’ is not possible, the app asks for confirmation before the corresponding action. One example is the scenario where ‘Delete Address’ is used. (mentioned in the 3rd Heuristic Criteria).

6) Recognition rather than recall — Good

The app does a good job here too. We do not have to remember the function of each icon as each one is clearly labelled everywhere.

  • The search box displays recent searches below it and provides suggestions as we start typing in the box.
  • Another thing which I really like most is the option to ‘Reorder’. For regular users of the app, this is a boon as they could just reorder any favourite dishes which they ate in the past without having to remember the restaurant and dish names.

7) Flexibility and efficiency of use — Average

  • The app is efficient in all parts but the part which I like the most is the ‘Apply Coupon’ option on the checkout page. When you click the Apply Coupon, it takes you to the coupon page where you could see all the coupon codes and their corresponding benefits. You could chose the one you want on that page and use it instantly. As simple as that. Almost 90% of other apps do not have this feature. They just have a textbox and you have to find their coupons page may be using your browser to find the coupon code you want. I always hated that. This feature of Swiggy is really efficient and speeds up the whole process.
  • An area where efficiency can be improved is the ordering of restaurants and menu items. Currently, it is not in any particular  — alphabetical, cost, relevancy, rating and time.
  • Inside the restaurant page, some of the restaurants have really long menus. In this example [just linking the file here, seriously the menu is too long!], you could see the image going on and on. It would take many scrolls to browse through. Most of the times, we would be looking for only one category of the menu really. So it would be better if they do a ‘Jump to Category’ kind of design and place the category names at the top so that we could instantly jump to the category which we want.

8) Aesthetic and minimalist design — Good

  • The design aspects of the app are very good.
  • The app is clutter free and minimalistic.
  • Not much irrelevant information.

9) Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors — Average

  • The frequent error which most of the users encounter when using Swiggy is the ‘Currently Unserviceable’ error on the restaurant pages. Swiggy does not provide an explanation as to why it is so. Location too far? Restaurant closed? Delivery people unavailability? Servers crashed? There could be ’n’ number of reasons. Only if the user knows the exact reason for the error, he can diagnose and recover from it.

10) Help and documentation — Good

  • The app does have FAQ and support section.
  • The live chat is pretty easy to initiate, unlike other apps in which it will take a long time to even locate the live chat option.

Overall, the results are:

Good: 6 ; Average: 3 ; Bad: 1

It is a really decent score. Personally, I would love to see Swiggy improve in the areas where they lag behind and maybe push the app experience even more high in the areas where they already excel in. Meanwhile, Happy Swiggying!

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