Telstar 18

Telstar 18

The official name of Football used for 18 WC is “Telstar 18”. It is Designed by Adidas, Partner and concept is based on the first Adidas’s match ball. “Telstar” is the combination of two words “ Television” and “Star”. In 1970, Telstar was used for the 1st time which had black and white pattern with 32 Panels. It was designed in that colour scheme so that It is easily visible on a Black and White TV.

“Telstar 18” has six polygons. They are not stitched but glued together flawlessly. The ball has an embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip. It is designed to the track metrics like speed and trajectory and share necessary information.

VAR (Video Assistant Referees)

The objective of VAR is to assist referees. It allows the referee or the video assistant to review decisions where a “clear and obvious” error is spotted.

VAR Room (Moscow, Russia)

Scenarios where VAR can be used

  1. Review to check the Goal/Fouls
  2. Penalties
  3. Yellow Card/Red Card Warnings
  4. Mistaken Identity

Step 1: Incident Occurs

Some incident happens on the ground and referee needs to review the foul or VAR advices referee to review the decision.

Step 2: Review Taken

The Video footage is reviewed by VAR team.

Step 3: Correct Action

The referee accepts the reviewed information from the VAR and takes the appropriate action.

EPTS (Electronic Performance & Tracking System)


This system is used to track player and team performance. It track player’s activity and ball, which helps monitoring heartbeats, energy levels, stamina, positioning , passing, pressing, speed and tackles. Each team are given 3 Tablets to monitor the player statistics and video footage in real time. This system include measurement technologies such as a Global (GPS) or Local (LPS) Positioning System which is combined by embedding (gyroscopes and accelerometers) electromechanical devices.

Goal Line

Goal Line Technology
  1. The goal-line technology applies solely to the line of the goal and only to check whether a goal has been scored or not.
  2. Ball containing NFC chip enters the Magnetic field around the Goal-post frame.
  3. As per rule, if the Ball sets for 60 milliseconds in that magnetic field, then only the goal is counted.
  4. The referees are notified immediately if the goal is scored via referee’s Hublot watch, by vibration and visual signal.

4K UHD and Virtual Reality

During every world cup, there is new broadcast technology and this year it’s 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD).

The resolution is (4,096 by 2,160 pixels). This service is available online in U.K via the BBC iPlayer. It streams will be a first-come first-served basis. This means only few thousands of people will be able to watch at any one time. The BBC also has a VR feed, available via the BBC Sport VR application, allowing viewers to feel as they are in a private box at the stadium.

Let the games begin!

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