As we continue to grow the worldwide network, we are on the lookout for startups worldwide from even more verticals than last year… or even last week.

Join us over the months as our team visits cities across the world. This is your opportunity to get inspired, connect with our team, and share with us what you’re working on. You can also apply for a one-on-one meeting with our program staff to learn more about our programs. Visit to sign up.

There are 16 Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator programs that will be kicking off in February 2019. Applications are now open.

Pro tip: Unlike your college essay, it does help to submit earlier. In some cases, we’ve had an influx of applications come through on the night before applications close. Again, it’s not compulsory, but it doesn’t hurt to get in front of our team earlier.

If you’re not familiar with Techstars, perhaps you have heard of one of the companies that went through our programs that we’ve helped accelerate:

So what makes Techstars different? We’re a mentorship-driven accelerator – an enormous network of mentors, who are investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals who continue to give advice and help companies grow. Until six years ago, Techstars was just in the United States. Ten years ago, we were only in Boulder. Now, our mentorship-driven accelerators are across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and my homeland of Australia.

Now is your opportunity to join the Techstars worldwide network by joining us for a meet and greet session in your city!

Saba Karim Saba Karim
Saba Karim is a startup mentor, and the Pipeline Manager at Techstars – sourcing startups across the world for our accelerators. His expertise is in growth marketing and strategy, has helped launch a number of startups, and owned growth for one that was recently acquired by Hubspot.

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