Assume there are two for stopping in odd and even .

i) What kind of we need to do to ensure that the elevators working fine without any hassle.

ii) What are the different to be considered while designing this model.

I covered few of the base cases like,

  • Checking boundary value analysis ( with Minimum floors(Include number of basements) and maximum floors)
  • Different floors serving request based on whether the input is odd/even which elevator to serve the request.
  • Say if a odd elevator going down/up and getting another odd floor request which is greater/lesser than current floor respectively, then this request has to served only after all the buttons got reset inside the floor and same for even elevator .

Any other corner cases to be considered? or Am I missing any base conditions itself?

P.S: This question is not an homework or assignment. I was asked this question in an interview.

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