I work for a small company that deals in a lot of . Test scripts have been written for them, so with each build there is a comparison done of the canonicals and if it fails we know there is a discrepancy. We use a 3rd party company to test for formatting (Lots of perforations in our ), we have to send them a copy of the new report, they physically print it and then send it back to us. The reason we use them is because they also handle EU A4 formats.

My boss is now asking me to come up with a “tool” (his words) so that the developer/engineer working on a report will know it was done right and it didn’t break formatting. My suggestion was unit tests, which could be run by them at anytime. He wasn’t keen on that, saying again how does the developer/engineer know what they just did didn’t break anything or cause formatting problems?

I am at a loss. I have no idea how to come up for a solution to this and I can’t think of a thing to suggest. He wants it to be quick and easy, so they can see if an issue is there and fix it. There are report comparison tools out there but he doesn’t want them to use them, saying it takes too much effort. Am I missing something? Is there such a tool for this and I’m just clueless to it? Or maybe I’m not thinking of something that’s totally obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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