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Condensed clusters of people consistently located in the same space creates friction. A decentralized approach to organizing space/offices is the optimal solution. As with many things, we can look to nature for an appropriate analogy on structuring space/offices. A can be used as an analogy for this structuring.

The Hive. The heart of the system. The hive is gleaming with life and energy. This energy is provided by its current inhabitants, which frequently change. A hive without it’s inhabitants is a tree that falls in the forest with none around. Repetition creates friction. Variation is key to balancing repetition. The hive is the office/headquarters.

The Bee. The reason the hive exists. The bee is the individual. The bee is a worker. There is no use for the hive without bees.

Bees could achieve nothing if they did not leave the hive. The majority of their work is done outside the hive, with an amount of meticulous work done inside it. Workers should be allowed freedom. Freedom to do their work on their own terms. Ultimately they will return to the hive and better it.

The hive must give to the bee as the bee gives to the hive. Shelter, protection, and prosperity. The bee will give what it can to the hive and if the hive gives nothing back, there is no reason the bee shall ever return.

The Flower. From the flower there is nectar. From nectar there is honey. Individuals must be allowed the freedom of knowledge. The flower is knowledge.

Some organizations wish to create barriers between their employees and other companies / the outside world. This keeps their “proprietary” product and their employees safe from harm. Indeed it does. But in doing so more is lost than is gained. It is human nature to strive to be better, learn more, and complete complex tasks. Our minds live for it. If minds are cut off from this they are greatly handicapped from further development. If minds are handicapped the products in which they create are in turn handicapped.

Freedom to retrieve nectar from any flower a bee so chooses is crucial.

Swarming. The hive should not remain empty. At times the hive should even nearly overflow; This is swarming. In most companies this manifests in a quarterly meeting. People will fly in, the CEO will talk, and everyone will rally. This is a structured approach to something that should be more fluid. Celebrate little victories. One grain of rice can tip the scale.

The Cell. The cell is the confines in which the bee will contribute while in the hive. Since the 70’s the cell most commonly manifests as a cubicle. As it pertains to software development, this is a failed experiment for modern times. There is no reason the cell cannot be a long oval table King Arthur style or a beanbag chair. The cell should manifest in whatever way facilitates the most creativity, freedom, and efficiency.

The Honey. Meticulously crafted sweet nectar. Honey is the end game. Honey is the product. If the bee is not diligent, there is outcome. If a hive or cell is not adequate, the bee or honey cannot persevere. One cannot do the job of 100, if there is no swarm — there is no energy. When all factors align nature creates. When all factors align, useful products are created.

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