“Totally nervous and anxious” to put herself out there, Katie attended her first Ladies That meetup. Ladies That is an organization with chapters across the world that connects women working in user experience design. The Boston chapter is perhaps the largest in America and holds regular networking events for women (and men) in the industry, and it has been the perfect place to for Katie to showcase her many design and professional skills.

“It’s really changed me on a personal level,” Katie said. “Getting out there and networking is something that hadn’t really occurred to me until last year. I was job hunting, but I was also trying to figure out what it is I wanted to do and what kind of company I wanted to work for.”

At her very first Ladies That UX meetup, Katie met Boston chapter co-organizer Olga V. Perfilieva. The two hit it off, and after attending a few more meetups, Olga asked Katie if she was interested in helping to plan Talk UX, an annual design and technology conference that takes place in a different city each year, with 2018’s conference taking place in Boston. Katie jumped at the opportunity (“always say yes to opportunities,” she says) and spent the next eight months helping Olga and co-organizer Lara Cavezza get everything organized.

As part of Katie’s , she designed the website and design collateral, including all the signage that was displayed throughout the conference. By the time the conference wrapped, Katie was officially the third co-organizer of the Ladies That UX Boston chapter. If it hadn’t been for networking, Katie never would have had this opportunity to truly flex her design muscles.

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