Hello, Android developers! We’re happy to announce that the release of our Kotlin Apprentice is now available!

This is the sister book to our Android Apprentice book, which focuses on creating apps for Android, while focuses on the Kotlin language fundamentals.

If you’re new to the Kotlin language, there’s no need to be intimidated: This book starts with the basics of basics — an introduction to programming — and then takes you through Kotlin fundamentals. But, if you’re familiar with Kotlin, you’ll advance into more intermediate and nuanced features of the language, such as functional programming, conventions and operator overloading, and coroutines.

Whatever your familiarity with the language, this book will teach you to organize and customize your code in Kotlin to create clean and modern apps in Kotlin.

Here’s what’s contained in the full release of the book:

Section I: Kotlin Basics

Section II: Collections & Lambdas

Section III: Building Your Own Types

Section IV: Intermediate Topics

Where to Go From Here?

Everything in Kotlin Apprentice takes place in a clean, modern development environment, which means you can focus on the core features of programming in the Kotlin language, without getting bogged down in the many details of building apps. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to start developing in this cutting-edge language.

Get your own copy:

The Kotlin language has been around since 2011, but its popularity took off in 2017 when Google announced Kotlin’s inclusion as a first-class language for Android development. With modern and expressive language characteristics such as those found in Swift, and 100% interoperability with Java, it’s no wonder that Kotlin has been named the second most-loved language by Stack Overflow users.

In this book, we’ll take you through programming basics, object-oriented programming with classes, exceptions, generics, functional programming, and more!

Questions about the book? Ask them in the comments below!

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