Hey guys. A little about my background. I have been a test engineer mainly for mobile for about 6 years now. Currently I am a contractor working in Chicago making pretty good money and it’s a very long term project. Downside, no benefits. I am getting married in September and I think it’s time to get a full time gig because of the benefits.

I have an interview with a company in and it’s a full time gig. The pay is between 90-100k. Not sure if I feel comfortable with that being that San ’s cost of living is pretty high. And I’m not sure it they are willing to negotiate and if they are, by how much? What are you guys thoughts? I like to hear from anyone that’s currently living in California. Thanks in advance

Reasons for the move:

  1. Most of my family lives in San Diego.

  2. Great weather.

  3. Opportunity to get a full time gig.

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