Guys hi,

We have small of developers, and use trello(Kanban board) for managing tasks.

5 rows: Backlog>Specify>ToDo>Test>Done

Works good, and we are very happy with team we’ve assembled. Problem since their changes from week to week (they have main jobs and work only part), often there are delays, sometimes big ones.

I think the problem is that I don’t set deadlines, and there is no feeling of urgency or schedule at all. That’s my mistake. Basically now i just put tasks in backlog, and expect them to move.

At first i was thinking that deadlines/schedules are bad and will make team feel pressed, but now i think there is no other way around it.

After reading this old post from Joel Spolsky, i learned one important tip

Only the programmer who is going to write the code can schedule it. Any system where management writes a schedule and hands it off to programmers is doomed to fail. Only the programmer who is going to do the work can figure out what steps they will need to take to implement that feature. And only the programmer can estimate how long each one will take.

Often i was trying to motivate them

hey, guys let’s do it ASAP, we need it to be done by Thursday, etc …

But seems like it’s wrong approach.

So basically my plan now is to make it as a practice once developer took the task that he analysis it and set’s the

hour estimate

date&time deadline (according to his availability this days/week)

This why i hope they will be motivated to meet the deadline they set.

Please advise/critique.

p.s. We develop only for our own project, and at the moment are too small to hire full time. So we have 4 guys who are available 10-20h/week. Have been working with them 2 for 6 months, added another 2 2 months ago. Quality is much better than working with agencies/outsourcing, but often there are delays.

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