We are trying to redefine our functional testing procedures and there is some degree as to where we draw the “line in the sand” between functional testing vs. non-functional (e.g., usability, performance, etc.) testing.

For example, when an is presented an upgraded system in the environment, they are to check that the system performs as expected for the eventual end-user. But how granular should that testing be? Should they make sure that every drop-down has the appropriate menu items and that each menu item works as expected?

Or, should they be focused on core tasks/functionalities and new functionalities such as in the case of a CRM system, for example, that the system is configured to the sales’ staffs compensation programs and their pre-determined workflows?

Our SMEs are paid well and it seems like a not-great-use of resources to have them spending a great deal of time on more of the mundane items – but I will admit I have little other points of reference.

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