DevOps 100
TechBeacon creates the 100 list – the 100 leaders, practitioners and experts in DevOps that you should be following. It’s no surprise that employees made an impressive showing on this list: from the VSTS team, Sam Guckenheimer is the man to follow. For the DevOps Cloud Developer Advocates, Donovan Brown and Jessica Deen made the list. But they’re not the only CDAs: Bridget Kromhout, Jessie Frazelle, and Ashley McNamara are recognized for their thought-leadership, and over on the Azure product team, don’t miss Jeffrey Snover,
Michelle Noorali, and Caitie McCaffrey.

Getting Started with Microsoft’s Python Developer Tools
We’re seeing a big increased interest in Python on VSTS since we’ve added support to do cross-platform Python builds using our Azure-hosted build agents and the Use Python Version tool task. Dan Taylor shows you how you can get started with Microsoft’s Python tools.

Monitoring Python Applications with Azure App Insights
If you’re going to continuously deliver to production, monitoring becomes crucial so that you can get fast feedback on problems. Najib Zarrari shows how you can use Azure Application Insights to monitor Python applications.

Sharing Deployment Groups Across Team Projects in VSTS
Deployment groups let you create a set of machines in a particular role to deploy to – for example, “dev”, “test”, or “production”. Derrick Cawthon explains how you can share deployment groups across team projects to take full advantage of your infrastructure.

Using .NET and Docker Together
With DockerCon happening this week, containers are top of mind for many of us. Rich Lander gives an update the guidance and samples for Docker with .NET Core and .NET Framework.

Safe On-Premises Releases Using VSTS
Ilias Jennane tackles the myth that VSTS is just for deploying to Azure. Yes, many people are deploying to the cloud, but some people want to keep their workflows in their own data centers. VSTS can do deployments anywhere – whether it’s Azure, another cloud, or even to your on-premises infrastructure.

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